28 Cats in Two Days!

On May 19thand 20th, MMCR attended the Michigan Humane Society’s “Meet Your Best Friend at the Detroit Zoo” event. We were located right by the entrance to the event and received a lot of visitors. Even with being between two groups with lots of very small and adorable kittens, we had a very successful weekend. We found “only-cat” homes for several of our dominant cats where they can rule the house. Two special needs kitties went to homes that will give them the love and attention they need. A number of senior cats found great new homes to enjoy their second kittenhoods in!

Here are the kitties who found their new best friend at the Detroit Zoo:

Albere, Ashes, Baby, Bobby, Buthayna, Carley, Chandler, Cosmo, Eclaire, Elso, Flossie, Friskie, Gerber, Leona, Louisa, Magdelena, Magellan, Nala, Nova, Pico, Pong, Pretty, Snowbell, Tamara and Yuli.

While all this was happening at the Detroit Zoo, three kitties found their new homes through the PetSmart adoption event on Saturday: Berel, Carys, and Cobin.

This was the most exciting weekend that we have had in years! We are so happy about the homes all of our kitties found!


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