Volunteering at Sarah’s House

Last Wednesday I was able to help out for a few hours at Sarah’s house in Albion. It was my first time volunteering there, so I really didn’t know what to expect. The only information I had was that Sarah currently had 70+ kittens and was struggling to find enough time to work on social skills with all of them. Since I had just started fostering a little kitten rescued from a feral mother in my neighborhood, I thought I might pick up few techniques which would help me at home. On this particular day I received way more than I could have imagined… I was able to witness a miracle! A mother cat had just given birth to 3 kittens that morning. Sarah came in to check on the kittens and took one out of the cage that unfortunately had not survived. Or so we thought! Just as Sarah asked Kallie to get something to wrap the body in, the kitten gave a small sign of life. Immediately, Sarah began rubbing the kitten’s body to warm it and breathed into it’s mouth several times. She placed it on a warming pad and continued to work on saving this kitten’s life. With Sarah’s determination and encouragement, this little guy finally stabilized and was breathing! She then proceeded to work with the mother cat and the baby, until the baby finally started to nurse. It was exciting to be a witness to such an amazing event! I am so very thankful for MMCR and Sarah’s passion for helping all of our feline friends, from the tiniest little newborns, the senior cats, the kitties with special needs and every one in between! No one is turned away. As a bonus, I was able to bring home a shy little foster kitten who needed extra attention and socialization. It has been a pleasure bonding with her as well as watching the two kittens learn to become friends and bond with each other.

Thanks again, Sarah and MMCR for all that you do!
– MMCR Volunteer
Laura Johnson

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