Being a Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue Volunteer



Photo: © 2013 Sandra Debnar

There are many different things you can do as a volunteer for the MMCR. We have volunteers of all types, and can accommodate different physical abilities or skill levels. We provide training so that everyone is knowledgeable about their role. Whether you know how to knit, sew, clean, organize, garden, or build, there is always something for you to do to help out our kitties!

You are probably familiar with our most important volunteer duties: adoption events and cleaning the main foster homes. In addition to making sure that our cats have a clean, safe environment to live in, we also have to find forever homes for them! These jobs dovetail perfectly because not only it is important to help our cats “graduate” from our program by adopting them to loving families, but also to make sure we are taking excellent care of them while they are transitioning from their previous life.

Another important job within our organization is office work. We need help with things like replying to the many e-mails and voicemails we get every day, help with our newsletter mailings, help with writing descriptions for our cats on Petfinder, etc. If you are good at basic office work, or have a specific skill such as grant writing or writing press releases, we can find something for you to do!

MMCR is unique in that we are one of the few foster home-only cat rescues in the US, which means we need foster parents! During kitten season, we take in feral kittens that need extra socialization which is hard to provide with so many other cats living in the main foster homes. We also have adult cats with special needs who need unique attention to help them grow into the great cat we know they can be. Having the cats bond with a person in a home will give them the ability the transfer that bond to their new family in their new home.

We have many other miscellaneous jobs as well. Many items in the main foster homes are handmade by some of our talented volunteers. Some keep their eyes out for deals on everyday items we need. Others help by mowing the lawn, gardening, or shoveling snow. Some sell chocolate bars on our behalf, or take care of our donation canisters that are placed around town at local businesses. You can even do something as simple and easy as hanging informational posters in your workplace, school, or on a public bulletin board.

The National Animal Control Association estimates that it takes 10 minutes to provide daily cleaning and care for one animal. Other tasks such as laundry, general area cleaning, and behavioral evaluations–all additional services MMCR provides–aren’t included in the estimate. Add in administrative duties, deep cleaning, and business activities and the total grows to 20 minutes a day! One hour of your time at one of the main foster homes will help us take care of 3 cats. An hour of your time at an adoption event may help a cat find its forever home. Please consider joining us today to help save the lives of abandoned, abused, and neglected cats across Michigan.


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