MMCR Takes in 60 Kittens


Battle Creek, Mich — On Friday, May 24th, MMCR Director Sarah Vicary drove with a few volunteers to the Calhoun County Animal Shelter (CCAS) in Battle Creek to take in some of their numerous kittens and help alleviate their space problem. CCAS was overflowing with cats and kittens at the beginning of kitten season and was going to have to start euthanizing, so they turned to MMCR for help. Before she arrived, Sarah thought she would be taking in up to 5 litters of kittens, but when she got to the shelter and started assessing the number and condition of kittens in need, she realized she had no choice but to take them all. The very first kitten she saw was face down on its bed and dying; other kittens were motherless and starving, and many of these kittens were sick and dehydrated. But despite their many illnesses, Sarah saw such an intense will to live in all of these kittens that it brought tears to her eyes that she just couldn’t leave them behind.  Sarah took home 60 kittens, matching up orphans to still-lactating moms without litters, and combining other litters to save lives; 6 mothers also came back with her that day, one of which had an untreated broken leg.


These 60 kittens are in addition to the 32 kittens that were already in the MMCR program (13 from Roscommon County Animal Control, 3 from Clinton County Animal Control, 5 from an earlier pull from Calhoun County, and 9 strays). Many of these new kittens are very sick and need constant attention. Sarah is bottle feeding the younger kittens without mothers and tube feeding kittens that are too weak to nurse, as well as giving eye medications, antibiotics, nutritional supplements, and IV fluids. They are getting round-the-clock care and are being monitored several times a day to make sure they are eating properly and becoming healthy. We want them to have the best chance of growing into big, fat, happy kittens ready for new homes!


The 60 kittens that we took in from CCAS is the largest number of kittens we’ve ever taken in from any shelter at one time; this is a massive undertaking. And all of these sweet babies and their mothers are in addition to the 100 adult cats we already had in the program, as well as the 30 we have already committed to take in the next week from owner relinquishments and three county shelters. We would not be able to save so many lives without the support, time and efforts of our wonderful, compassionate donors and volunteers! Now is when your time and donations is needed most—please consider scheduling some time to volunteer. The cost for MMCR to care for these new kittens will be $8,000 to $10,000, so any monetary support would be greatly appreciated also.  These new kittens are now part of the MMCR family and need extra help right now.  They are ready to see what the world is about, let’s show them it is full of love.  Be a part of the miracle of compassion!






One thought on “MMCR Takes in 60 Kittens

  1. I just learned about this from a Facebook link to your video. While I don’t have money to donate right now I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this and the work you do. What an amazing and overwhelming commitment that was. I hope they all pulled through and are enjoying their new families.

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