50 Cats on our Doorstep!

Last Sunday turned out to be anything but a typical day for Sarah, our director.  Preparations were underway for Sarah and a group of MMCR volunteers to go to Calhoun County Animal Shelter, and provide assistance with their facility, after it had been determined that the shelter was overcrowded and conditions there did not meet Michigan’s standards for proper care. The cats at the shelter were sick; badly in need of treatment.  Mindy, the vet tech at the shelter, had been working with Sarah for days concerning this situation.  Meanwhile, the director of the shelter was becoming increasingly concerned about an inspection from the state agency that monitors such things. Unfortunately and suddenly, on Sunday morning, the shelter director started euthanizing cats.  She was indiscriminate: starting in one room and killing all of the cats in that room – including many adoptable kittens.

Trying to save as many cats as she could, Mindy quickly loaded all of the cats from the shelter’s colony room into her van.  When she arrived in Sarah’s driveway, with 50 adult cats in her van, Sarah knew that if MMCR did not take these cats in, they would go back to the shelter and be killed.  Everyone quickly discussed what resources would be required to save these guys. There was no time to assess this situation.  The cats would die! What would you do?

50 cats! On top of those from the neglect case that MMCR is currently working on (the 80 cats in a trailer in Clinton County) and another 20 cats that we had agreed to take from Roscommon Animal Control, we are in desperate need of help! Both our main foster house in Grand Ledge and Sarah’s house in Albion are full to the very brim with cats and kittens and most are sick!  This is why we need your help.

PLEASE – if you can commit to volunteering with us or donating any extra cash, PLEASE chip in now!Any help you can provide over the next 4 to 6 weeks would be a huge benefit to the well being of these cats! Every donation of time or money makes a huge difference.

Can you help these cats? Our core volunteers are exhausted, but if we can get on top of the situation right now—with your help— we will be back to normal (or as normal as we ever get!!!)  THANK YOU!!

Donation & Volunteer Info: http://www.midmichigancatrescue.org/index.php


2 thoughts on “50 Cats on our Doorstep!

  1. I have a small bag of Purina Kitten Chow and a partial bag of Purina Indoor Cat Dry food that our boy out grew (kitten food) and is allergic to (Indoor Food). I would love to donate it so someone that cat use it. I am sure I have toys and an extra bed left from our prior furry son (he lived to be 17 yrs). I am in the Stanton area, where can I drop it off?

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