MMCR Saves 30 More Cats

Recently, MMCR was informed about a mother and her two sons who were keeping about 80 cats in a standard-size trailer at a trailer park near Bath, MI. The trailer park rules only allow an owner to have two pets on the premises. Since the owner was afraid of having the cats confiscated and ultimately euthanized, the family kept all the cats indoors at all times. A month ago, another area shelter took in some of the easiest-to-adopt kittens. Since then, on October 3rd, MMCR took in three litters of kittens, including a litter of three, a litter of four and a pregnant female who has since given birth to a litter of three.

On October 10, we rescued another 16 cats from the same location: 10 males and 6 females, one of which is pregnant. After she gives birth, MMCR will have four new litters of kittens to find homes for. Then, on October 17, MMCR picked up 8 more adult females it will need to spay. With MMCR’s help, Clinton County Animal Control was able to send a message to other rescues in mid-Michigan, but has had little response from anyone about taking any cats. Unfortunately, there is a time limit for moving all the cats out of their overcrowded conditions in the trailer and because of the lack of response, Clinton County will be seizing another twenty-five males from the premises.

While the owner of the trailer and her sons tried to care for the cats as best they could, they simply didn’t have the funds to feed the cats and also pay for spaying and neutering them. As so often happens in such cases, two original cats became dozens. The cats are remarkably healthy and in good shape, but need socializing and regular medical care. They are mostly Maine Coon mixes and exotic breeds. These cats are used to living in a colony situation and should be able to integrate into MMCR’s population readily.

Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue is a non-profit, no-kill organization that will attend to the medical needs of these cats as well as to their socialization. It is dependent upon community assistance to fulfill its mission to give this kind of care for all the cats it takes in. Funds are required for spay and neuter procedures as well as any other medical assistance. MMCR also needs the help of volunteers to provide for its cats.


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