About MMCR


Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue is a non-profit, no-kill organization that will take care of many of these cats for the rest of their lives. Most of them will be integrated into their feral cat colony on a 70-acre farm, where they will have fresh air and be able to feel the grass under their paws – two things that weren’t available to them in them former home. The kittens and a few of the semi-feral cats can be socialized and will be put up for adoption. MMCR took on this hoarding case in the middle of kitten season when they were already at maximum capacity at all foster homes.   Thanks to community assistance, MMCR will be able to spay/neuter, vaccinate, de-worm, and have full medical visits done for every cat. To learn more about the Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue, please go to mmcr.petfinder.com. If you know of a hoarding situation, please contact your local authorities immediately. Your timing could save the lives of many animals that are in desperate need of help.


To contribute to MMCR’s rescue efforts, please click on the PayPal button below or send a personal check or money order to:

Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue
1117 Tulip Street
Grand Ledge, MI 48837

The kitties and I thank you for your help!

Sarah Vicary

paypal link



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